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RecipesPic2  Welcome to DoCakes Recipes! You will not find any commercial, drab, book reading recipes on this page! Here you will be able to find and share all of your glorious creations with other Cake Club members. The recipes section is broken into two major categories “Enter Recipe” and “View Recipes”.

The “Enter Recipe” link in the navigation panel allows you to enter a myriad of varying recipes. The page layout is different from the others, and helps to identify the uniqueness of what you are doing. On the page, notice that the “Cake Categories” are already declared.  Please try to place your creation into one of these predefined titles.  If you are not able to do so, contact us and we will add your request as soon as possible.  Additionally, we are working with our network engineer to dynamically resize the images you provide to less than 1MB in size. In their current state, images will be resized to fit a 400 X 400 block. If possible, keep your image sizes to a minimum and within these boundaries so we can save server space while keeping the beautiful appearance of your creations.
  The “View Recipes” page contains all of the recipes entered. The page first provides you with a master page of all the entered recipes. From the master page click on the “Cake Number” and your detailed selection shall appear. RecipesPic4
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