WhatisFondantPic1What is fondant?
How do you make fondant?
How to cover a cake in fondant?
What are the different kinds of fondant?

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Fondant is different things to different people.  Many cake decorating artist use it to make great decorations, coverings, or designs on cakes. This is also known as sugar art. It is also the center piece of a chocolate candy. It is the smooth, "white-as-snow" covering of some particularly fancy cakes. It is the traditional topping for elegant French petits fours. Because it is so wide spread there are various ways of making it.

If the fondant is to be poured over petits fours, it must be warmed and thinned with a sugar syrup to make it pourable. Otherwise, it can be flavored (chocolate, raspberry, vanilla, mint — or any other flavor seen in a candy store), shaped into centers, and dipped in chocolate.

 Alternatively, small pieces can be wrapped around cherries and dipped in chocolate. This combinaion causes a reaction between the two in which the fondant will liquefy within a few days.

Fondant can also be kneaded by hand to make it workable, colored if you like, then rolled into a very thin sheet, and draped and smoothed over the surface of a cake for a stunning presentation piece.

There is also an uncooked version of fondant that comes out with a matte finish, rather than shiny. The matte version relies on pounds and pounds of raw confectioner’s sugar, which renders it inedible. The uncooked fondant is made with gelatin, glucose, glycerin, and the powdered sugar. The primary use for this type of fondant is for covering cakes with a stunning appeal. In contrast, if your mouth believes what your eyes tell it, it will be sorely disappointed.

Your best bet for a stunning look and great taste is to make it from scratch. It is not as hard as you think, and your rewards will be endless.

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