How to Fondant a Cake?


How2FondantPic1 Fondant is a smooth sugar paste cake coating that is rolled out with a rolling pin

1.  Knead the fondant until it is pliable and easy to roll out. The product will soften and warm slightly.
2. Using shorting, lightly rub the entire surface of the mat. The rolling pin should be rubbed lightly with powdered sugar, making sure there are no granules. Use a dusting pouch.

3. Roll out the fondant to the edge of the mat. Move the fondant on the cake. Flip the fondant over or place the fondant the cake. I like to flip it, due to it is a lot smoother. Make sure that you are not sticking. The proper weight fondant and proper size board will yield approximately 1/4 thickness when rolled out to the edge of the board.

4. With the palm of your hands rub the fondant, gently moving around top and upper edge of cake.

5. Moving down the side of the cake use one hand to rub and use other to pull pleats out from around the cake, being careful not to stretch or tear the fondant. Use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to remove excess at the bottom of the cake.

6. Use your hand or smoother/polisher to smooth out any remaining rough spots. The cake is now ready for embossing and/or crimping and other decorating.

 If your fondant looks a little dull, you can rub in some shorting all over to shine it up a little.
If you have air bubbles, Pock a little hole with a needle and use the smoother tool to press the air out.
Also dust a little powder sugar on your smoother tool so it does not stick to the fondant when you are smoothing it to the cake.
Measure your sides and the top of the cake and add a inch. This will tell you how much fondant you need to roll out for that cake.