What are the different kinds of fondant?


Poured Fondant

Poured fondant is very smooth and shiny. It is best used for decorating and filling cakes and pastries. Always use a medium-consistency poured fondant and stir it properly before dipping cookies or cakes into it. This is a used on petite fours and cookies.

Rolled Fondant

Rolled fondant is used to cover different shaped cakes. It is not only used for decorating wedding cakes. It is also used to give a  look to cakes for other occasions as well. It gives a smooth and elegant look to all the cakes. Rolled fondant dries up very easily, so remember to put some plastic wrap over it to keep it soft. Due to its dough-like nature, fondants are used to cover the different layers, shapes and tiers of the wedding cake.

Fondant covered cakes are gorgeous, but buying fondant is expensive and it often tastes awful. Making fondant is easy, far less expensive, and tastes great!

Sculpting fondants

Sculpting fondants are used for making flowers and borders. This is made with a 50 percent fondant and 50 percent gum paste. The reason for this is it can be molded into different shapes. On the other hand you can just add gum-tex to you fondant.