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DoCakes Club is an organization designed for anyone with an interest in sugar arts and a desire to share interests and ideas with others. Formed in Oct 2008, DoCakes is growing friendships fast!  We welcome decorators of all skill levels with an interest in all things sweet.   Some of our many members include instructors, chefs, students, and decorators with lots of experience to share.  We meet on the second Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in Severna Park, Maryland. Each meeting consists of a business meeting, a demonstration, sharing, and tasting. Dues are $8 dollars every month, and we accept gratuity at each Cake Club meeting to help buffer the costs associated with each event.  Come join us! Your dues are minimal compared to the knowledge, skills, abilities, and camaraderie you will gain. For more information, please contact Dusty Odom, Founder and Membership Chair at


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NEW Video Library! A Learning place for Cake Club Members

Our club is now open to online members. First you must have a PayPal account. Then simply send $8 to via paypal, and the password for access will be mailed directly to you within 12 hours. Don't delay Join Now!


Come see what all the talk is about!



"Cake Club is extraordinary! Dusty’s willingness to share the wisdom and ideas she has gained over the years in rare and invaluable. My roses are off the chart gorgeous now, and a “WOW” factor to all that see them.
It is an absolute joy to sit under her tutelage; and I’m so proud to know her and to have her as my “Cake Mentor.” She is a jewel to all who have the pleasure of knowing her. I pray that God blesses her and her family for being such a gift to all."

-Terri (
"Cake Club for me has been a fun-filled learning experience. I have established new relationships and expanded my circle of friends with generous as well as crafty people all willing to share. We share our time, talents, thought, laughs, creations, and hospitality in ways no group or club I have ever [met]. I appreciate the generosity, love, and devotion Dusty has shown in creating Cake Club and in helping those of us with interest in the cake business with lots of valuable information, hands-on instruction, camaraderie, prizes, gifts, and her assistance and growing endeavors. I look forward to Cake Club every month and I would truly miss it if it were cancelled for any reason."

-Partice (


Proud Member of